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Arkansas State University Converts 2,900 Video Files in Just One Day


An Arkansas State University,  K16 Solutions, and Kaltura Story


Featured on Inside Higher Ed


Watch the recording here:


If you're thinking of making a move to a new video platform provider, then you'll want to watch the recording to hear how Arkansas State University successfully made the transition and how you can too!


Speakers include:

Kevin Downum, Director of Academic Technology at Arkansas State University

Steve Mildner, Chief Revenue Officer, K16 Solutions

Darren Stahl, Senior Director of Sales at Kaltura

Josh Kim, Director of Online Learning at Dartmouth College and IHE Contributor

Arkansas State Makes the Move to Kaltura Quickly and Easily using K16 Solutions



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LMS Migration Case Studies 

Rutgers Accelerates Transition to Canvas with Scaffold




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Mohawk Transfers 20,000 Courses in Ten Days with Scaffold




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Trusted Customers

Mohawk_500x500-1 CSUF_500x500-1 MSUD_500x500-1 NEU_500x500-1 UNH_500x500 WFU_500x500 Ottawa_500x500 USA_500x500 Rutgers_500x500 SMUMN_500x500 NYIT_500x500
"When K16 Solutions joined us at the table to discuss the unique challenges around our LMS transition to Canvas, they did not come with a quick-fix to sell us, but rather offer to partner with Rutgers in identifying the issues, developing a solution, and implementing it in a way that would meet the needs of all our stakeholders. Throughout the experience, the K16 team showcased their technical prowess, willingness to collaborate, and most importantly, empathy for our faculty and students."
Charles A. Collick Jr.
Associate Director, IT Accessibility & Instructional Technology
“A list of robust courses was provided to K16, and not only were they migrated quickly, the content was placed in Canvas in a way that made the courses ready for immediate faculty use. In a few cases, courses were provided to K16 Solutions in the morning, migrated, and available for faculty use in Canvas the same day. Very impressed by the speed, accuracy, and cost (as compared to other migration option), WFU signed an agreement with Instructure and K16 to move all Sakai courses to Canvas."
Chris McLaughlin
Assistant Director, IT
"CSU Fullerton partnered with K16 Solutions for the development of Moodle integrations in their Scaffold Migration platform. Once the integration project was completed, we were able to begin moving courses in bulk from Moodle to Canvas and have already moved well over 10,000 courses with another large batch planned before the end of the year. Using an automated solution like Scaffold Migration has saved our faculty and staff countless hours that would have been spent transferring and repairing course content."
Amir Dabirian
Vice President for IT/CIO

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